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Look for the questions you should ask a breeder and what you can expect to be asked

Havanese Club of America
Download the new broadsheet, Havanese Horizons,  from the HCA website: Havanese Horizons to learn more about caring for your pet. While  you are there, check out the official magazine of the HCA, the Havanese Hotline..

Also check out the Health page of the HCA to see what strides the HCA health committee has  made in encouraging health testing in the breed and what the different recommended health  tests mean.

Check out the HCA Buyers' Education Page to help the prospective havanese owner learn more about the breed and what they should be alert to.
Canine Eye Registration Foundation  CERF
MBF: Infodog
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals  OFA
Jack Onofrio Dog Shows
Jim Rau Dog Shows
Click-L: Gateway Site for Clicker Training
Newport Dog Shows
Canine Genetics Articles for the Layperson
Veterinary Opthmalogy Information Centre
Suzanne McKay's Havanese ABCs
Enter our Canadian friends wonderful gallery of colors that explains colors in the Havanese breed.
Dog Showing on the Cheap: Conformation
Dog Showing on the Cheap: General Info and Supplies
Havanese Club of Southern California
Agility and Flyball Training Resources.
Therapy Dogs International
Show Dog Supersite
A Beginner's Guide to Dog Shows
Show Dog Tips and Tricks
The Dog Obedience and Training Page.
Dog Owner's Guide: Obedience Training
Havanese Rescue Public Information Link
Havanese Rescue is an important part of the breed. Look at this site to see if a rescue dog is for you or if you care to participate in other ways.
Havanese Rescue Quilt Page
Those of you who follow the DVHC website might notice some pages have been discontinued, particularly the Havanese Resource Page. This is the happy consequence of tremendous growth and mutual support between local clubs, the parent club, the Havanese Club of America and the HCA.  Therefore to avoid redundacy of both materials and the volunteer labor that keeps this up it has been decided to point you to the wonderful materials available from these websites. Do visit them or as always members and officers of the DVHC are available to try and help you.
Greater New York Havanese Club